Standup Display

Starting from EUR 134.20

Product Information

Coming with a brushed aluminium stand the acrylic standup display is a great option for limited spaces as office tables, shelves or room dividers.

Small but beautiful

Your Iris photo is exposed on glossy photo paper and then laminated to a 3 mm thick Alu-Dibond plate. Then a 2mm acrylic plate is glued to the picture, which creates an exciting 3D effect. A stand made of brushed aluminum is included in the scope of delivery. Due to the small footprint, the stand also fits on any table or sideboard and is a real eye-catcher.

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Product Facts

  • Printed on glossy photo paper with 2mm acrylic glass cover and aluminium carrier plate
  • Glued to an aluminum plate
  • Stunning vivid color display
  • Self standing with brushed aluminium foot

360° View

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I. Customize your iris photo

Select the number of eyes shown on your current iris photo

II. Image Details

Select the number of eyes how you want to set in your iris photo

Image Number

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III. Image Size / Product Options

Aspect Ratio

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Product Thickness
Product Thickness

Frame Color

Product Material

IV. Effects

Enhance your iris photo with our trendy effects, adding a touch of uniqueness and style or select 'no change' to receivethe same captivating image created in our store.

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