Round Acrylic 2mm

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Product Information

Our Round Acrylic gives your iris photography depth and a realistic touch - a beautiful, modern method of displaying your image.

3D Effect

When we mount your iris print under acrylic and cut it out in a round shape, the photo is significantly enhanced and intensified, giving it an impressive three-dimensional effect. The colors are deeper and appear more vibrant. This vibrancy cannot be compared to any other printing method.

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Product Facts

  • Printed on beautiful glossy photo paper
  • Glued to an aluminum plate
  • 2mm acrylic glass covering
  • 3D effect for a realistic look

Elegant & Contemporary

Those seeking a refreshing contemporary way to hang their iris photographs can take advantage of the sleek, elegant style that acrylic offers. This material is also sanded and buffed to give the edges a clean, polished finish for a stunning aesthetic. Decorative, unique, and vivid, our acrylic mounting option is the perfect choice for those styling their modern home.

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