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Supported by a grid of push in pegs that exactly match up with sockets mounted on the backside of the pictures. CollageWall™ pictures hang aligned and stay level. Installation is fast and easy. You can add, remove, and/or rearrange in seconds. Choose from Black Plexi, Acrylic or High Gloss Metal. Please Note: These are square images only suitable for single iris photos.

You can choose between the following materials:

Black Plexi: Lustre paper flush mounted to a black Plexi, then coated with a protective UV laminate.

High Gloss Metal: Glossy surface from infusing dyes into 1mm specially-coated aluminum. Brilliant and long lasting.

Acrylic Face Mount: Glossy Print face mounted behind 3mm of optically clear acrylic.

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You can find your personal photo number either on the envelope of your iris photo or on a separate flyer.

The number starts with 1–3 letters followed by 1 — 5 digit code.


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