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$59.00$449.00 (5% GST not incl.)


Uw irisfoto wordt afgedrukt op glanzend fotopapier en op een alu-dibond-plaat met een dikte van 3 mm gebracht. Uiteindelijk wordt er 2 mm acrylglas bovenop geplaatst. Een voorgemonteerde muurbevestiging is inbegrepen voor eenvoudige ophanging.
Het acrylglas creëert een specifiek diepte-effect dat de structuren van uw iris naar voren haalt. Tegelijkertijd wordt uw irisfoto beschermd tegen stof en krassen.




$156.00$1,000.00 (5% GST not incl.)

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Acrylic Mounting is a contemporary method of displaying photographs. Your photo print is intensified when mounted under acrylic. The colours are more vivid and there is a sense of extra depth. All prints are produced on Kodak Metallic Paper. Light Blocking (opaque) film is applied to the back of the print, optically clear adhesive is then used to face-mount the print on premium 4mm Acrylic. The acrylic is put through a sanding and buffing process that brings the edges to a clear polished finish. The prints come ready to hang with a u-channel hanger bar and mount.



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Je irisfoto wordt belicht op zijdemat fotopapier, gelamineerd op een 3 mm dikke aluminium dibondplaat en vervolgens bedekt met een speciale UV-beschermende film.



Canvas Prints

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Enjoy your professionally printed photos on canvas!  Printed in Canada using cutting-edge proprietary photo enlargement technology as well as the industry’s best photo finishing equipment and printers. These canvas prints are manufactured using premium 380 gsm archival grade, 60/40 poly/cotton blend canvas which features a fine canvas weave to enhance image clarity. They are guaranteed not to fade up to 200 years. Each canvas photo print is laminated with a protective UV laminate.

Canvas prints come in two thicknesses.  Choose from a traditional 1 1/2″ frame or the sleeker, more modern 3/4″ frame.  All are hand-stretched and gallery wrapped meticulously onto custom-cut Canadian wood stretch-bar frames. All of our wood frames derive from renewal forests throughout Canada.

Each canvas print comes ready to hang out of the box. Small canvas prints are equipped with gator hangers. while larger canvas prints have heavy duty picture frame hanging wire and hardware installed.




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Supported by a grid of push in pegs that exactly match up with sockets mounted on the backside of the pictures. CollageWall™ pictures hang aligned and stay level. Installation is fast and easy. You can add, remove, and/or rearrange in seconds. Choose from Black Plexi, Acrylic or High Gloss Metal. Please Note: These are square images only suitable for single iris photos.

You can choose between the following materials:

Black Plexi: Lustre paper flush mounted to a black Plexi, then coated with a protective UV laminate.

High Gloss Metal: Glossy surface from infusing dyes into 1mm specially-coated aluminum. Brilliant and long lasting.

Acrylic Face Mount: Glossy Print face mounted behind 3mm of optically clear acrylic.

Metal Print

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A metal print is an image dye infused on aluminum, the end result is a vibrant print with impressive detail and resolution. Durability without glass; hard and scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner (avoid direct sunlight).



Panorama 3 Eyes

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Whether it’s a small family, three siblings or friends, the triple panorama symbolizes the special relationship these three people have with each other – everyone is individual and yet there is a common, invisible bond that unites you.
So that no one gets confused, all irises can get your name too. Just choose the size with the correct name option.

All photos come standard with a professional aluminum hanging system and can be easily and securely hung with two screws on the wall or with strings from a gallery bar.

Photo Paper with Metallic Sheen

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With a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, these prints have extra visual interest and depth. They are printed on long-lasting Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper. This paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that produce striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. The effect is sometimes described as “chrome on paper.” You’ll see extreme sharpness, brightness, and colour saturation with an intense black density that increases its appeal. The proprietary laminate layers also increase the durability.

The photo is mounted on 3/16” Gator Board with a textured laminate


Photo Poster

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Satin Photo paper is an extremely versatile photo paper. It is weighted at 280 gsm and has very smooth surface which provides ultra-sharp printed photography.
The Satin Photo paper has archival and acid free properties. Guaranteed not to fade up to 200 years.



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We print your iris photo on high quality photo papaer. It will be identical to the direct prints available at the Eyemazy booth.