A truly unique personal art available for any budget. Eyemazy is the first and largest provider for decorative iris photography. Time-tested with more than 8 years of operational experience and locations in 12 countries.

Iris photo

Iris photo

Our Story

In what culminated as experimental photography, Eyesight Iris Photography started participating in local trade fairs in the German countryside, gaining popularity in 2013. Realizing the potential, the founding partners focused on developing and refining their technology, eventually breaking new grounds in iris photography with their one-of-a-kind Photobox.


Become a part of Eyemazy. With our seamless franchise package you will receive professional support in planning, operating, managing and marketing. Additionally you will have access to our proprietary & patent pending Eyemazy hard- and software and a worldwide printing network - all you need for an Eyemazy’ing success!

Iris photography

Details & FAQ

We are looking for franchise partners who are as passionate about our concept as we are. Rather than looking for pure investment partners, we look to build long term business partnerships combining the expertise and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee. We are looking for individuals groups or companies who know the local mentality and culture are ready to build up a successful brand in the local market giving the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system.

Single Unit
  • Proficiency in English
  • Basic understanding of finance, accounting
  • Team oriented attitude
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
Area Development
  • Proficiency in English
  • Thorough understanding of finance and accounting
  • Thorough understanding of business and operation management
  • Financial capability, e.g. evidence of capital
  • Operational retail business experience preferable

The time needed from submitting the franchise application form to open your Eyemazy location depends on the type of operation


Typically 3 – 8 months, depending on availability, requirements and shop condition


Typically 2 – 5 months, depending on space availability and mall application process

The investment for an Eyemazy location can vary and may be influenced by local- and landlord requirements, local prices, availability and requirements. The amounts stated include the associated costs for starting your franchise in central Europe including setting up a company, Eyemazy fees, Kiosk / counter construction, initial inventory and equipment,…

The detailed List of associated costs, Eyemazy commercial terms and conditions will be available after submitting the contact form below.


59.000 € – 128.000 €
72.000 USD – 156.000 USD


35.000 € – 57.000 €
42.000 USD – 69.000 USD

Our franchise team will assist you the whole way from the moment you first contact us through the process until your Eyemazy franchise business opens. This includes to support you to source the right location, lease requirements, shop / kiosk construction etc.

Our training team will support you in aligning processes and policies, recruiting your staff members. We will also train you and your team and finally stay with you for the first days after the opening of your Eyemazy iris-photo franchise.

After the opening we will assist you with all aspects of operation and marketing.

The most important key points will be:
  • Provision of Eyemazy soft and hardware
  • Location selection assistance
  • Location set-up assistance
  • Staff selection assistance
  • Staff training
  • Quality assurance
  • Operation management assistance
  • Backoffice processing assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Ongoing support & updates
  • Material / Supply chains

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Location is the key when setting up your Eyemazy franchise. Even within a one mall the locations can show a great span of customer profile and footfall. We will put a lot of effort into finding and analyzing the right location together with you. This includes a profit / cost analysis, checking of the local conditions and help you with the space application. This is part of the preparation phase and is done after the franchise contract has been signed.

Therefore there is no location required when contacting us.

Eyemazy controls and limits the number of its locations in a defined territory to ensure the unobstructed development of its partners. Our territorial protection can be divided into two main categories, depending on the types of operation. A single unit franchise partner can become an area developer:

Single Units
  • Defined protective area
  • Defined Separation between other Eyemazy locations
Area Development
  • Defined geographical exclusivity depending on local conditions and development plan


Eyemazy Location

Eyemazy Location

Come to our Eyemazy locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania and let us show you your Iris like you have never seen it before.


To Become Eyemazy

Eye photo
Eye photo

If you like what you see, lets work together.

We kindly ask you to fill out the form below to provide us with some basic information about yourself as well as your intentions of becoming an Eyemazy partner/franchisee.

This will allow us to provide you with more specific information and conditions. If the form on this page is not properly displayed, you can use the email to contact us. We are looking forward to get back to you soon.

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III. Eyemazy Operation

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Note: We don't offer franchise business anymore in France, UAE & Belguim.

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