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With over a decade of expertise and a thriving network of 31 franchises worldwide, we invite passionate individuals and companies to become part of our legacy in the art of IRIS Photography. Explore the rewarding journey of becoming an integral part of our esteemed network and sharing the magic of IRIS Photography with your community.

Why Eyemazy?

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Proven Business Model

Experience the power of our proven business model in IRIS Photography by offering franchisees a proven path to thrive in more than 14 countries across the globe.

Seamless Process

From capturing iris photo to printing, our seamless integration ensures uncompromising quality and excellence at every step ensuring customer satisfaction.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Beyond capturing and editing just photos of Iris, We offer a multitude of avenues for revenue generation. From digital prints, to premium prints and gift cards and more.

Constant Innovation

Innovation is our heartbeat. Eyemazy pushes boundaries, exploring new techniques, and latest technology to redefine and be a pioneer iris photography industry.

Our Business Model

Our 22 shops and 7 kiosks scattered in more than 13 countries serve as hubs for creativity and connection, offering unparalleled expertise in capturing beauty of an eye. As a franchisee, you'll step into a world where artistry meets entrepreneurship, delivering exceptional iris photography services and products to communities worldwide. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of this creative legacy, spreading the joy of turning natural beauty into an exceptional piece of art.

Dedicated resources at your disposal


From initial setup to ongoing operations, we provide invaluable resources, including expert guidance in site selection, training programs, marketing strategies, and operational support. With our hands-on assistance, we empower franchisees to establish and flourish in their ventures.


Our training initiatives cover every aspect of the business. We ensure that our franchisees are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to excel in their roles. Together, we invest in continuous learning, fostering growth and expertise within our franchise network.

Post set-up Support

Eyemazy provides ongoing assistance, guidance, and resources to ensure sustained success. Whether it's fine-tuning operations, refining strategies, or addressing any challenges that arise, our post-setup support is aimed at helping franchisees thrive in the long term.

Discover answers to commonly raised inquiries.

Interested in opening a franchise for Eyemazy? Take the first step toward entrepreneurial success! To join our network of successful franchisees, here are a few key requirements:

  • Financial Stability: Adequate capital to cover initial franchise fees, setup costs, and operational expenses.
  • Business Experience: Background or understanding in business operations, management skills, and finance skills.
  • Alignment with Brand Values: Sharing our vision and commitment to upholding brand standards and values.
  • Location Selection: Ability to secure a suitable location within specified parameters and approved by the franchisor.
  • Compliance with Franchise Agreement: Willingness to adhere to terms, conditions, and operational standards outlined in our franchise agreement.

Contact us for detailed requirements and explore this exciting opportunity!


The time frame to open a franchise can vary based on several factors, including location selection, licensing, training, and setup. Generally, it takes between 2 to 6 months, depending on chosen franchise model either a shop or kiosk. We'll work closely with you to streamline the process and get your franchise up and running as efficiently as possible.

The investment required to open a franchise can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, size, and the specific franchise model that you are interested in. We offer diverse franchise options tailored to different investment levels. You can either start your franchise with a shop or a kiosk. The minimum investment required for a kiosk is $ 38,000 or € 35,000. The minimum investment required for opening a shop is $ 64,000 or € 59,000.
Let's discuss your goals and budget to find the right fit for your investment and aspirations after filling the form.

Eyemazy supports its franchisees through a comprehensive range of assistance and resources. This includes:

  • Location selection and set-up assistance.
  • Staff selection and training.
  • Initial training programs covering operations.
  • Established branding and marketing strategies.
  • Supply Chain Support of both Eyemazy software and hardware.
  • Eyemazy’s aim is to ensure the success and growth of its franchisees by providing a solid framework, continuous support, and a shared commitment to achieving mutual success.

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There is no pre requisite location requirement to contact Eyemazy. However, Eyemazy helps its franchisees in the selection or evaluation of preferred location based on specific guidelines for selecting a suitable site, ensuring it meets certain demographic, foot traffic, or size specifications.

Yes, each franchise is typically provided with territorial protection to ensure exclusive rights to operate within a defined geographic area. This protection helps prevent franchise overlap and fosters the franchisee's market exclusivity and potential for business growth within their designated territory.

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