Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to common questions

You do not need any appointments for visiting our stores.

However, during busy periods, some locations may use a same-day waitlist system to manage customer flow.

You can find information about the waitlist system by visiting the Contact page of the store you plan to visit on this website. Contact

The photography itself takes only a few seconds. Depending on the product and options you choose (for example single or double image), the editing process will take 5-10 minutes.

Naturally! We will first show you your eye on the screen without obligation and free of charge. You may also personalize your photo with text of your choice (name, nickname, date, phrase, etc.)

Direct Prints

Available in the formats 15x20cm / 6x8” and 20cm x 30cm / 8x10” , our direct prints can accommodate 1 or 2 irises. The entire process will take 5-10 minutes.

Please note that during busy times, there may be a wait time of up to one hour before you can pick up your photo prints. We will always do our best to print your image as quickly as possible


We offer the image file of your iris photo either as a JPEG (3000 x 2119px) or editable TIFF (5000 x 3532px). JPEGs are only available online as a reorder.

Please note that we can only send files via email and it is not possible to bring a pen drive to our stores to transfer files.

Premium Prints

Our Premium Products are high-quality prints on special materials such as aluminum, acrylic glass or canvas. These prints are available in large sizes and are produced in our lab to ensure exceptional color accuracy and clarity.

Please note that Premium Prints are shipped to your home.

Generally we can put up to two irises per photo. Our double images are ideal for couples, siblings and best friends! When ordering from our Premium Products, we have the Panoramic option, perfect for families, where we can put up to 5 irises on a piece.

Ask at the Eyemazy shop about the panorama options or take a look at our webshop.

You can add any short text like name(s) or a date, you can also add one of our effects to make the image even more fascinating.

1. Photography

Just come to one of our permanent locations or visit one of the dozen trade fairs and events where we are on the road all year round. You do not need an appointment! Just come over.

2. Editing

So that the colors really come into their own, we first place the iris on a black background. In the further processing, we leave your iris as original as possible.

3. Printing

Enjoy your High Quality print right away. You may also choose to purchase a file, or choose from our premium print options that can be shipped directly to you.

Our Iris photography is possible from the age of 5.

Photos are possible with soft contact lenses. However, hard land coloured lenses should be removed beforehand.

Yes, We offer two types of gift cards for your convenience. The first type is a physical gift card that is available in all of our Eyemazy shops and kiosks. These cards can be purchased in person and make a great gift for any occasion.

The second type of gift card we offer is a digital gift card, which is available exclusively on our webshop. This option allows you to purchase a gift card online and send it to your or directly to the recipient's email inbox.

Both types of gift cards can be topped up with any value and used by the recipient to purchase any of our products. The iris photography and editing are always included. Please refer to the webshop for any details.

Unfortunately this is not possible.

We do not make any compromises when handling your data. We only save photos anonymously and locally in order to offer you the option of reordering. If you do not want this, we will delete it immediately. Even after ordering on our website, you will never receive advertising or newsletters from us. Promised!

We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you visit our stores and while we capture your iris photo.

For us, hygiene was and is extremely important - even before covid. We disinfect our photo box after each customer and ensure our shops are always clean and welcoming.

After your visit with us you will receive your image number. This allows you to reorder any product on our website at any time. We store your image files anonymously for 4 years.