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Product Information

Share your iris photo on social media or pint it in sizes up to 20cm x 30cm.


Flexible usage

Suitable for sharing and use as a wallpaper on your computer, tablet or smarphone. You can also purchase this file to print on your own or send to a printer. To simplify you can order enlargements and various media straight from our webshop.


Product Facts

  • Digital iris photo
  • Resolution (3000 x 2120px)
  • One layers
  • Can be opened on all computers / smartphones
  • Double images can be separated into 2 files


Contact us for a higher Resolution / TIFF file.


Please note: The appearance of colors may vary depending on your monitor. This may result in a slight difference between the printed image and the one you see on screen.

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You can find your personal photo number either on the envelope of your iris photo or on a separate flyer.

The number starts with 1–3 letters followed by 1 — 5 digit code.


Delivery time: 1 — 3 business days

We will send your image as an anonymous download link via e-mail. It is valid for 7 days and expires thereafter.

Here you can find an overview of our new effects.

Depending on the original photo, we create the effect as a single or double photo.



Print Product delivery: 5 — 10 business days

File delivery: 1 — 2 business days

Physical Gift-Card delivery: 2 — 3 business days

Shipping fee: free shipping within Dubai